The most critical phase of any project is the initial planning phases. To identify the overall project objectives and establish a realistic budget will help guarantee a successful endeavor. Effective Project Corporation will join the team at the earliest stages to provide insight with our knowledge of similar projects. Our inclusion will result in a carefully crafted project with achievable objectives within reasonable financial constraints.

To accomplish this, we have proven experience in the following:

  • Preliminary Reports to establish project objectives
  • Feasibility Studies to assure both technical and financial success
  • Public Record Search to obtain working knowledge
    • Local Economic Conditions to determine operating expense
    • Labor Availability and Cost to determine capital expenses
    • Transportation Factors to adjust both operational and construction costs
    • Applicable Regulations including environmental and other Federal, State and local requirements
    • Political and Social Issues to determine the acceptability of the proposed project with both the community and its leaders
  • Process Evaluations to objectively choose the best systems
  • Equipment Evaluations
  • Alternative Evaluations that looks at all relevant alternatives
    • Risk Analysis regarding potential objectives and proposed solutions
    • Capital Cost Comparisons that assure the lowest possible construction costs consistent with a quality project
    • Operating Cost Comparisons to verify that the ultimate produced unit price is the lowest possible

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