Front-End Packages

Using the Project Definition, the Scope of Work will be further refined to allow a more accurate budgetary estimate to be made. This stage also produces the Process and Instrument Diagrams for the project. It also may result in the first significant expenditures of the project for any necessary process licensing. This is required to obtain process information that will be the basis of the final design.

Included in this phase are as follows:

Process Licensing Agreements

  • Agreement on Future Process Licensing Costs
  • Any Propriety Information on the Process
  • Process Guarantees

Process Simulation

  • Computer Generated Process Design Cases
  • Verification of Process Operation

Process Flow Diagrams – PFD’s

  • Equipment Sizing
  • Pipe Sizing
  • Basic Control Philosophy
  • Process Conditions throughout the system
  • Material Balances
  • Utility Requirements

Operational Description

  • Process Overview
    • Equipment
    • Feedstock
    • Utility Requirements
  • Steady-state Operation
  • Mitigation of Emergency Problems

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams – P&ID’s

  • Piping Specifications
  • Piping Specialties
  • Detail Control Design
    • Line Instruments
    • Panel Indication and Control
    • Alarm and Setpoints
    • Control Interfaces Interconnections

Equipment Data Sheets (major items)

  • Configuration
  • Materials and Sizes
  • Connection Points
  • Codes and Testing Requirements

Instrument Data Sheets (major items)

  • Instrument Tag Numbering
  • Material of Construction
  • Process Parameters
  • Alarm and Setpoints
  • Input and Output Defined

Project Permitting

  • Environmental
  • Zoning
  • Special Safety Requirements

Final Budgetary Estimate (+/- 15% Accuracy)

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