Financial Services

The heart of any project combines technical innovation the financing. Some projects readily lend themselves to traditional methods of financing, while others require more inventive measures. We can help tie the technical with the financial aspects of the project together by bringing the necessary parties to the team.

Some of our financial services include the following:

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Initial Project Commitments
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Commissioning Costs
  • Maintenance Inventory Requirements
  • Training and Staff Upgrades

Typical Project Financing

  • Debt to be Incurred
  • Equity to be Transferred
  • Cost of Cash Reserves to be Used
  • Projected Future Revenue Stream to be Allocated
  • Remarketing of Debt and Equity

Non-Conventional Project Outsourcing

  • Zero Capital Outlay
  • Structured Off-Balance Sheet
  • Guaranteed Operation and Maintenance Costs

Return-On-Investment Calculations

  • Revenue Calculations
  • Production Costs
  • Tax Incentives
  • Cost Off-Set
    • Long-term Feedstock Contracts
    • Long-term Energy and Utility Contracts
    • Sale of Waste Energy
    • Life-Cycle Determination

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